Learn to Sit

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Learn to Sit

Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours sitting—at our computers, in our cars, at our dining tables, in front of the television. We often become so engrossed in whatever is in front of us that we forget to stretch and shift, or we do so unconsciously, often moving in the direction of slouchier posture as the hours roll by. As longtime yogi and writer Elaine Jarvik writes in a recent Salt Lake Tribune article, “We are a nation of couch potatoes, but that doesn’t mean we know how to sit.”

That article features one of our bloggers, Charlotte Bell, a longtime yoga teacher and author of the new book Yoga for Meditators, published by Rodmell Press. Charlotte is also a longtime friend of Hugger Mugger. In fact she owns the first pair of Hugger Mugger shorts ever made, from back in 1986. Jarvik’s article delves into Charlotte’s teaching philosophy and some tidbits about her new book.

Charlotte has practiced meditation since 1986 and has attended many 30-day silent Insight Meditation retreats. Sitting for such long hours helped her understand how cranky our bodies can get when we sit for long periods. Yoga for Meditators addresses the common physical discomforts that can arise during sitting. It details everything from finding the best sitting position for your body to specific yoga poses that ease tension in the back, shoulders and hips to sequences designed to help with agitation or sleepiness. All in all, this book gives lots of information to support you to learn to sit well, on your meditation cushion or in your desk chair.

Geeta Iyengar says, “The brain becomes alert when the spine becomes alert.” An alert, uncluttered mind comes from sitting well. Yoga for Meditators will help you set the foundation for the settled mind that defines yoga.

We’re happy to announce that we have signed copies here at our Salt Lake location. To order a copy visit this page.


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