Shelter from the Storm: How You Can Help

This entry was posted on Jan 16, 2012 by Charlotte Bell.
How You Can Help The Road Home Keep Families Warm this Winter

As I write this morning, light snow is floating down from the sky. The inch-thick dusting has made the streets and sidewalks quite slick. Earlier this morning I took my car to the shop for some minor maintenance. Since the garage is 1/2 mile from my house I can easily drop my car off, walk home and walk back to get it. This morning, however, the walk was a bit treacherous. As I walked straight into the icy wind, my vision impaired by foggy glasses, I focused steadily on planting each step so as not to lose footing.

When I arrived home, I felt grateful for the heat and shelter of my little bungalow—two basic necessities that we often take for granted. After my visit to The Road Home last week, having these simple comforts makes me feel quite fortunate. My visit made me even more aware of the hundreds of souls in my city who spend much of their days exposed to the elements. I am grateful for 24/7 staff at The Road Home for providing them a safe, warm space to spend the long, frigid nights.

In addition to providing shelter, The Road Home works with agencies such as Department of Workforce Services and various housing authorities to help their clients find work and housing. The Road Home also houses an extensive warehouse with donated clothing for adults and children, pantry items and bedding. This winter, you can help those who are struggling with homelessness by donating time, money or winter supplies to The Road Home’s warehouse. The shelter’s most urgent needs are:

  • Blankets (all sizes) – Last year, the shelter distributed 12,000 blankets to people in need.
  • Coats (all sizes)
  • Socks (adults & children)
  • Gloves (waterproof)
  • Hats and scarves (all sizes)
  • Diapers and wipes
  • For a complete needs list, visit this link

If you live close to Salt Lake City, you can deliver items to The Road Home, 210 South Rio Grande St., Salt Lake City between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm, seven days a week.

If you don’t live close by, there are other ways to help. Here are some other ways to give:

Hugger Mugger Yoga Products will donate a percentage of our net sales from now through March to The Road Home. Please join us in helping The Road Home provide work opportunities, health care and a secure home to people in need this winter.

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