Live your True Calling

This entry was posted on Oct 24, 2012 by Crystal Griffiths.
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Potential as Wide as the Sky

Live Your True Calling

Life ends not when you die, but when you stop believing in your true calling. Your true calling isn’t something your friends, parents or lovers want you to become. Your true calling isn’t living vicariously through someone else. And most certainly your true calling isn’t working just to “make a living” and “get by.”

Your true calling is that soft voice within you urging to be creative. Your true calling is your vision of a better life. Your true calling is your Creator whispering to you who you really are.

One day we will all breathe our last breath. The only difference between those of us who will live a fulfilled life in the flow of their true calling and those of us who don’t is this: Know that you are already dead, die to your fear and give up everything except what whispers to you in the quiet hours.

Follow your vision; do what makes you happy. It is your birthright to live in joy. But it is 100 percent your choice whether you do or not.

Say no to your fear. Live your true calling. Set sail and don’t look back.

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