Lavender Flowers for Yoga and Beyond

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Ahhhh … Relax with Lavender

Autumn is the time when it’s natural to draw inward. Right now it seems that every morning is noticeably darker and daylight ends a whole lot earlier each day. As our exposure to natural light decreases, sometimes a little mood modification is in order.

Lavender is the perfect herb to brighten the shortening autumn days. In addition to its lush and stimulating scent, lavender is said to be a mood lifter, but it’s probably best known for its calming properties.

There are many different types of lavender available. We recommend trying a few of the ideas listed below to determine which type of lavender will work best for you.

Instead of allowing the lavender in your herb garden to go to waste, you can use the flowers in a variety of different ways. Lavender flowers can be picked and placed inside a sachet for freshening articles of clothing or other linens. The flowers can also be placed within a small pillow for the eyes, head or neck. Lavender pillows can be used to compliment your meditation practice or promote relaxation before bed. If you prefer to purchase a product that is already made, Hugger Mugger sells eye pillows filled with lavender and flaxseeds.

If you do not have any fresh lavender available, you can always use an essential oil. Try to avoid oils that are over diluted or synthetic. Pure essential oils are always recommended, but use caution when applying directly to the skin. Lavender essential oil can be used to unwind by placing in a few drops in a bath or used with a carrier oil, to moisturize your skin before retiring for the night. You can also use lavender oil in an oil diffuser to create a calming atmosphere at home. It’s especially nice to use lavender at the end of your yoga practice while in Savasana. Dab a small amount of oil under your nose or on your forehead and allow yourself to be taken away.

How do you like to use lavender?

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