A Meditation for Abundance

This entry was posted on Jun 24, 2015 by Jacqueline Morasco.
Lakshimi - Hundu Goddess

Often people ask me how they can create more abundance in their lives. My experience is that the Universe answers our requests so it’s important to be very specific about what we want an abundance of in our lives.

After doing some asana (maybe some sun salutations) and pranayama, take a seat, make sure you sit in a comfortable fashion where your spine is upright and you’re not likely to slouch. Set your intention or sankalpa. Commit to the practice and decide what your focus of abundance and generosity is. I recommend doing the practice for 90 days.

The following chant is to the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi pictured above. She is known as the Goddess of Wealth, Love, Beauty and Prosperity.

Chant three Oms to prepare your lungs and voice, and to quiet your mind. If you are in a place where chanting out loud is not possible, chanting silently is just as, if not more, affective.

Place your hands below your navel, one on top of the other, and chant:

om shrim shriyai namah 3 times.

Place your hands over your heart and chant 3 times.

Place your hands on your head and chant 3 times.

Sit and reflect on what you’d like to have an abundance of.

Ask yourself what are your obstacles to receiving this abundance.

Sit for as long as you can, 5-20 minutes, focusing on your object of abundance. If you find your mind wandering, chant again and again.

Thank your body, mind and spirit and the Universe for supporting you through the practice and offer any benefits you receive from the practice to those in your life or to the entire world.

Do some gentle asana like a seated twist or a forward bend. Head out to your day knowing that if you are ready to receive. What you’ve requested will show up in your life.

Remember that we always get what we ask for. It may not appear in the way we are expecting it.

Feel free to post anything that comes up or questions that you have.

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