Entering a Pose or Entering Your Body? You Decide

This entry was posted on Aug 19, 2015 by Jacqueline Morasco.

Entering a Pose or Entering Your Body? You Decide

Last summer I was at an amazing workshop taught by Rod Stryker on his book, The Four Desires. His work is a yogic style of Desire Mapping.

Not only was I learning how to excavate and manifest my heart’s desires in a new way, I was moving more deeply into an asana practice that yes, helped me to understand and love my body more dearly.

It was not long after a skiing accident in April of 2014 that I attended this workshop, and I realized how my mind and body were affected by the accident. My practice would not be the same for a long time—or maybe ever.

While at the workshop a participant said to another one, “You don’t use your body to get into a pose; you use a pose to get into your body,” Shawn.

This statement rings true for me each morning as I do my practice, which is slow, gentle, healing and very different from practices of my past.

Thank you Rod, thank you Shawn, and thank you to my Yoga Therapist, Chanting and Herbal Master teacher, Annie Jones.

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