Yoga and the Unexpected

This entry was posted on Jul 14, 2016 by Jacqueline Morasco.

yoga and the unexpectedWhat is it about a yoga and meditation practice that helps us to handle situations that would put many people over the edge?

I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for quite some time. A couple of months ago I had an opportunity to see how well my practice supported me. I had just finished an energy session. My phone had a bunch of messages from my son and the school counselor. I called the school and she told me that they received an essay from my son explaining that he had tried to hurt himself.

My first reaction was to blame myself and wonder where I had failed him. I cried for a moment; spoke briefly with a friend, who reminded me that this was not about me; took a few deep breaths; prayed and headed to the school.

I was able to support my son while we talked to the school counselor, had him evaluated, and started him on his road to recovery.

We found a wonderful counselor who has helped my son learn how to live his life more fully and happily.

This experience taught me many lessons:

  • Things aren’t always as they appear; I thought my son was well adjusted as a 15-year-old who identifies as gay in Utah.
  • We can be a support as a witness—by being there, being available and listening.
  • Taking quick action is imperative when lives are at risk—even when we think they might be asking for help. If that’s the only way someone knows how to ask for help, I suggest we heed it.

My practice supported me in a situation that took me by surprise. Until it happened, I didn’t know how I would feel and react. I felt my emotions and I was able to take the necessary steps. I was calm inside and out.

I continue to support my body, mind and spirit with practice because it helps me to be present, aware, and able to handle most situations. Practicing yoga, meditation and radical self-care help me to be the best mother, partner, teacher and friend I can be.

Some things you might consider for yourself:

  • A daily yoga and meditation practice
  • Consuming clean and healthy food, water and air
  • Regular sleep

I’d love to hear your thoughts about how you handle unexpected situations.

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