3 Ways to Sit on a Zen Meditation Cushion

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Finding your ideal meditation position can be harder than you’d think. We’ve all seen images of loincloth-clad yogis sitting in Lotus Pose—often touted as the “perfect” meditation position. Truth is, not everyone’s hips are capable of the external rotation required to do Lotus. And even if you have hips that can do Lotus easily, it can be hard on your knees.

The good news is that there are alternatives to Lotus. These days, we recognize the need to vary our posture depending on each person’s needs. It’s important to explore your options. Sitting meditation isn’t easy, and it’s even harder when you’re struggling with your posture.

The Zen Meditation Cushion, a rectangular-shaped cushion, offers three options for sitting comfortably. Like a Zafu and V-Shaped Meditation Cushion, the Zen Meditation Cushion, first and foremost, provides extra height under your pelvis. Even the bendiest among us benefit from extra height.

When your pelvis is higher than your ankles in a cross-legged position, it’s easier for your spine to rest in its natural “S” curves. When your spine can rest in its natural curves, it holds itself up. You don’t have to tighten your core muscles just to sit.

If you’re still exploring your optimum sitting position, the Zen Cushion is a great choice. There are several different ways you can sit on it. Here are our favorites:

3 Ways to Sit on a Zen Cushion

  • Simple Sukhasana: If you can sit cross-legged easily, here’s your best Zen Cushion option: Lay the Zen Cushion flat on a Zabuton or folded yoga blanket. Sit on the narrow end so that your legs extend easily off the edge. Let your ankles rest on the floor.
  • Supported Sukhasana: If your knees rest at about pelvic rim level when you sit cross-legged, but don’t quite reach the floor, try this. Lay the Zen Cushion flat on a Zabuton or folded yoga blanket. Sit on the wide side so that your upper thighs are gently supported. Let your ankles rest on the floor.
  • Virasana Variation: Place your Zen Cushion on its side on a Zabuton or folded blanket. Kneel in front of the cushion with your shins and feet on either side of it. Settle your pelvis onto the cushion so that your thighs are parallel and top sides of your feet are resting on the floor.

Zen Cushions are handmade in our Salt Lake-based facility. They are covered in sturdy solid or printed upholstery-grade fabrics and filled with organic buckwheat hulls. A sewn-in handle on one end makes the cushion convenient to carry.

In addition to being a versatile meditation tool, our Zen Cushions make beautiful floor cushions for everyday use. If you’ve found an innovative way to use your Zen Cushion, we’d love to hear about it!


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