5 Great Yoga Mats for Tall People

This entry was posted on Jun 1, 2018 by Charlotte Bell.

5 Great Yoga Mats for Tall People

Imagine practicing Downward Facing Dog Pose or Warrior II on a mat where your hands and feet are at the very ends of your yoga mat. Or imagine a Savasana where your lower legs and feet are off your mat—and maybe even in someone else’s mat space.

Most yoga mats come in one standard size—24″ by 68″. You don’t have to be all that tall to end up spilling off the ends of a yoga mat that’s less than six feet long. While the standard mat size easily accommodates the majority of yoga practitioners, lots of taller people practice too. Having a longer and/or wider mat helps a taller person maintain an expansive practice, and allows them to define their practice space.

Ever since Hugger Mugger’s beginnings in 1986, we’ve made it a priority to accommodate the diverse body types of people who practice. Even before we developed the Tapas Mat and Tapas Ultra Mat in 1990, we custom cut our yoga mats to give taller yogis the space they need. Our Tapas® Mats, developed and manufactured by a U.S. company, have always been available in longer lengths. Since then, we’ve developed four more mats that provide the space taller yogis need for practice.

Yoga Mats for Tall People

Here’s a list of Hugger Mugger yoga mats that fit taller bodies—male and female:

  1. Para Rubber XL Yoga Mat: At 78 inches x 28 inches, the Para Rubber XL is our roomiest yoga mat. Made from durable, sustainable, renewable, non-Amazon natural rubber, this mat is super grippy and will support your practice for many years. These mats give plenty of cushioning and are super sturdy. This mat is a favorite among teachers. If you have a latex allergy though, try one of the options below instead.
  2. Tapas Original Yoga Mat: Developed in 1990, these are the first made-for-yoga mats ever produced. These mats are still made by the same U.S. company that originally developed them. The Tapas® Original comes in a standard length, and in addition, is available in two longer lengths: 74 inches and 80 inches. Our Tapas® mats are grippy, long-lasting and have no heavy metals or phthalates. These mats are lightweight and easy to carry from your home to the studio.
  3. Tapas Ultra Yoga MatThe Tapas® Ultra Mat is 1/4-inch thick to provide extra cushioning. It’s made by the same U.S.-based company as our Tapas® Original Yoga Mats. The Ultra comes in standard, 74-inch and 80-inch lengths. Like the Tapas® Original Mats, the Ultra Yoga Mats are grippy, long-lasting and have no heavy metals or phthalates. Even though they are thicker and more cushy, these mats are very lightweight.
  4. Earth Elements Yoga Mat: Earth Elements Yoga Mats all come in a 72-inch length, giving them a bit more space than standard mats. Made from biodegradable, non-toxic TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), these were some of the first sustainable yoga mats ever made. Earth Elements mats come in two thicknesses, 3 mm and 5 mm. These mats have a dry-sticky feel and are super lightweight.

2 More Tall-Friendly Yoga Props

Once you’ve found your perfect-sized mat, you may find that some of the standard-sized props don’t quite fit. Here are two more suggestions for props that fit taller yogis:

  1. Big Yoga Block: Most yoga blocks are 4 inches x 9-inches x 6 inches. Big Blue Yoga Blocks are 5 inches x 12 inches x 6.75 inches. These blocks are incredibly stable, which is especially noticeable when you use them in their tallest dimension in standing poses.
  2. 10-Foot Yoga Strap: For most people the standard 6-foot or 8-foot straps are plenty long. But for taller people, and for certain poses that require partner work, 10-foot straps are way more useful. These straps are made from the same ultra-strong cotton webbing as our other straps. You can choose between a metal D-ring buckle, a plastic Cinch buckle or a Quick-Release buckle.
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