Create a Home Yoga Space

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Create a Home Yoga Space

One of the beautiful things about yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere. All that’s needed is a mat and personal motivation to stick to a schedule. For most dedicated yogis there comes a point where practicing daily is the goal. Long commutes to a studio and working around class schedules can be huge roadblocks to this challenge.

A home yoga space is the perfect solution, and building one is easier than it looks. With the right space, some customization, and gear you love, a comfortable, convenient place to flow or meditate is just a few plans away.

Designate a Home Yoga Space and Clear It Out

For some, finding the room to dedicate to a practice space can be the hardest part. Luckily, not much space is needed. Spare rooms are the most ideal spaces, but any bare spot on the floor with enough room to spread out can work perfectly well. This may mean moving furniture in the living room or bedrooms out of the way. Just be sure to keep your mats and props nearby for easy access.

If your at-home space is intended to be a studio that’s shared with others, more space is obviously needed. Some more tips on setting the right vibe for your group include hanging tapestries and including mirrors to avoid feeling cramped.

When too big a space becomes the issue you can block off a section of the room with dividers or hang tapestries from the ceiling. Hanging tapestries can also help with light manipulation. If there are brightly lit windows and you prefer artificial lighting, block off a window-free side of the room or vice versa. A tapestry can also soften harsh overhead lighting when tacked to the ceiling.

Personalize the Area with Some Yoga Decor

When it comes time to add flair, there are tons of different yoga decorations to choose from. There are more traditional items like prayer flags, dreamcatchers, and salt lamps along with recently popularized yoga trends like mandala rugs, pillows, and just about anything elephant-themed.

Crystals have also made a comeback recently. Whether you enjoy their physical beauty or analyzing their rumored properties, decorating a home yoga space with crystals definitely helps set the mood. If the healing properties sound interesting, check out crystals for astrology and learn which stone corresponds to your astrological sign.

Or resist popular trends and continue any decorating styles you’d use on other rooms at home. Inspiring art or posters and DIY projects like this one work great. Using other long-loved decorations you already have can be a great way to save some cash.

Make the Atmosphere Relaxing

This final step of the building process is crucial. The ideal home yoga space atmosphere has candles, essential oils, incense, or other relaxing smells to set the mood. According to aromatherapy studies, different scents can lower stress, boost attraction, wake you up, help with falling asleep, and more. One example is peppermint essential oil, an oil that has more than 20 different properties including anti-nausea and allergy relief.

Another easy way to turn a basic studio into a relaxing yoga haven is the right collection of plants. Pick up a few pots that fit your color scheme and ask a florist which plants will thrive in the studio depending on how many windows there are; whether the windows are on the north, south, east or west sides of the building; and how dry the climate is.

If you have used and love an essential oil diffuser but would like more humidity in the room, try recreating the concept with a full-sized humidifier and more drops of essential oil. This is a good tip for designers remodeling a large space. The humidifier helps the oil aroma reach every corner of your studio and any plants you choose will love it.

Lighting can also help set the mood if done properly. In the first section there are tips to achieve lighting you want by hanging tapestries. Refer to those again and create an inclusive space with only your favorite light sources. In studios with windows, consider lighting during the day versus at night. A natural light plan for the day and lamps or Christmas lights for night time may work best.

Shop for New Practice Gear

This step is optional because what you wear is nowhere near as important as committing to your practice and feeling comfortable in the space where you flow. However, practicing in the right style of clothing can enhance your entire practice. Consider buying shorts or a Capri leotard to give yourself room to move and breathe. Of course, having a few new outfits that feel good to work out in can really help with possible lack of motivation, and wearing clothes made for physical activity can heighten the entire experience.

Those who suffer from buyer’s remorse should try investing in brands that give back to the community somehow. Many yoga studios and companies, including Hugger Mugger, actively donate to a variety of rotating, seasonal charities, and take on many volunteer opportunities within their headquarters’ areas. Feel good inside and out while you practice knowing that your practice is helping yourself and others.

Get on Your Mat and Flow

Step back, take a look at your work, and understand that building this beautiful new home yoga space was the easiest part. Now it’s time to get on your mat and flow every day. No more justifying a skipped workout when the class doesn’t fit into your schedule or because the studio is too far away.

This doesn’t mean you should stop going to your favorite studios altogether. Practicing and learning yoga poses and flows that work best for your body can be easier with help from different instructors. An at-home studio makes it hard to run from your mat and committing to a daily schedule much more achievable. Plus, it gives you a private place to practice any time of the day. So enjoy your new sanctuary and consider trying something new!

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