The Best Yoga Beaches in the U.S.

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The Best Yoga Beaches in the U.S.

One of the best things about yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere. Yogis can be found in a studio, in a gym, or even at home. For many, practicing yoga in nature only adds to the experience. Fresh air and open spaces help create an environment that makes relaxation even easier.

Now imagine that yoga session at sunrise on a large, sandy beach. There is nothing more relaxing that finding your center with the waves crashing in the background and the breeze blowing through your hair. Luckily, throughout the U.S. there are plenty of beaches that offer visitors prime opportunities to enjoy the yoga session of a lifetime!

There are lots of beaches around the country that provide a beautiful environment for practice. Here’s a list of the best yoga beaches I’ve found.


Takeout Beach • Moab, Utah

Though Moab, Utah, is never featured on other “top beach” lists, it is home to an incredibly unique and yoga-friendly beach. Located just a few miles outside the tourist hot spot, Takeout Beach is a great place to practice. With phenomenal views of the Colorado River and stunning red sandstone landscape, Takeout Beach is a must-visit for yogis.

Moab is full of other fun activities like paddleboarding, rafting and world-class biking, each of which is well worth checking out during your visit. Make sure to eat at the YummyTown food truck while you’re there!

Santa Monica Beach • Santa Monica, California

Located just west of Los Angeles is one of the most beloved beaches for the free of heart, the Santa Monica Beach. Not only is the beach popular with locals and visitors alike, it is still possible to find peace, quiet and solitude all along the shore. The calming waves of the Pacific are the perfect answer for yogis looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, without having to trek too far out of town.

If you’re looking for even more yoga instruction or just some relaxation while in the area, make sure to check out a yoga class at exhale Spa or an afternoon at their expansive spa center.

Seabrook Beach • Seabrook, Washington

For those looking for a beach where it is easy to escape the crowd, look no further than Seabrook Beach. This secluded beach is incredibly scenic, with expansive views of the Pacific Ocean. Plan your trip to take place on one of the area’s 150 days of sunshine, or truly feel the beauty of nature by practicing on one of the overcast and rainy days Washington is known for.

Thankfully, the small but thriving nearby city of Seabrook offers plenty of things to do in all weather types. The city is highly focused on developing a sustainable, new-urbanist community. With a very active community-based farming program, a visit to Seabrook is sure to be fun and relaxing.

Marshall’s Beach • San Francisco, California

Accessing this small, remote beach in San Francisco can be difficult, but it is well worth it. Marshall’s Beach offers visitors prime bird-watching opportunities as well as top-notch views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The beach’s remote location below a steep cliff band, combined with difficult access, makes this beach feel very quiet and private.

A yoga session here can be as free as possible, thanks to the clothing-optional policy. If you’re in the San Francisco area, make sure to eat at The Butcher’s Vegan Son, one of the city’s top vegan restaurants.

Topsail Island • Topsail, North Carolina

Topsail Island, a 26-mile-long barrier island off the coast of North Carolina, was only accessible by boat until World War II. With fewer than 500 year-round residents, Topsail Island has a very remote feel. The town is quaint and has a very interesting history. It is rumored to be the spot where Blackbeard, the infamous pirate, buried his treasure.

Topsail is a major tourist town and offers visitors lots of options in the way of vacation rentals and restaurants to check out while you’re there! Take advantage of the friendly atmosphere to practice your yoga in peace.

Smathers Beach • Key West, Florida

The largest public beach in Key West, Smathers Beach offers ample space for a solo session among the palm trees or a larger gathering of friends. Smathers offers amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean, especially in the morning. If you are visiting the Key West area and would like more instruction for your beach yoga session, get in touch with Key West Yoga, as they offer a variety of classes on nearby beaches.

Lone Rock Beach • Wahweap Bay, Utah

One of the best sandy beaches at Lake Powell is located just north of the Utah/Arizona border. Named for the significant sandstone rock formation that dominates surrounding landscape, Lone Rock Beach is not your typical beach destination. Rather than the traditional view of crashing waves and miles upon miles of open ocean, visitors here are treated to warm breezes, hot temperatures and cool, Colorado River water.

The warm, dry air of the southwest is easy to work up a sweat in, so make sure to take a dip in the reservoir to cool off afterwards!

Practicing yoga in the outdoors is a great way to spice up your normal routine. The key to choosing a new spot to practice is to not overthink it. Heading into the outdoors for a session, even if it is just your back yard to start, is a great way to add a new dimension to your yoga experience.

Whether you plan a trip or just make the extra effort to take your practice to the outdoors, the experience is entirely worth the effort. Just remember to make sure you have a yoga mat that is up to the task. Uneven ground and rough surfaces can be more difficult to practice on!

Do you have any favorite yoga beaches? Let us know!

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