Yoga Mat Carrier: How to Get Your Mat from Home to Studio

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Hugger Mugger Batik Mat Bag

We spend a lot of intimate time with our yoga mats. Whether we’re face down, nose to mat; rocking a series of sweaty Sun Salutations; or chilling in a nice long Savasana, we spend a lot of quality time on our yoga mats. Our mats can become “friends” of a sort.

Most people prefer to practice at the studio on their familiar yoga mats. A yoga mat carrier (a yoga mat bag or harness) can make this process a whole lot easier. But as with everything, there are many choices. How do you figure out which yoga mat carrier meets your needs? Here’s a rundown of the choices from the simplest to the fanciest.

A Yoga Mat Carrier for Everybody

By far the simplest yoga mat carrier choice is a mat sling. There are three types, all made from sturdy nylon webbing. All of them will fit any of our mats. The differences are in how each harness holds your mat. Here are the choices:

Yoga Mat Slings:

Tapas Simple Sling: Our Tapas Simple Sling will carry any of our mats with a minimum of fuss. The adjustable mat straps feature easy velcro fasteners. Made from sturdy nylon webbing in fun colors. This sling uses velcro to fasten around the mat, making it very easily adjustable.

Yoga Mat Bags

Yoga Mat Bags are another story. They’re not quite as simple as the slings, but they’re not meant to be. Bags offer a whole lot more options. All of the mat bags listed here have at least one extra pocket for keys, phone, wallet, etc. Many of our bags have extra pockets on both the inside and outside. Keeping your yoga mat in a bag will protect it from dust and sun damage, especially if your mat is one of our biodegradable mats. Our mat bags go from simple and straightforward to fanciful and extra functional. Here are the choices:

Yoga Mat Bag Choices:

Uinta Mat Bag: The Uinta Mat Bag combines versatility with lightweight convenience. Its mesh bottom and plush polyester fabric wick moisture. A roomy cargo pocket and key clip help you stay organized. It features an adjustable shoulder strap. A roomy outer pocket and key clip help keep your things organized. This is one of our more economical yoga mat carrier choices.

Batik Yoga Mat Bag: These colorful Batik Mat Bags will definitely brighten your yoga practice. Handmade in India, they are constructed from sturdy 100% cotton with a full lining. Batik Mat Bags feature a full-length zipper, adjustable shoulder strap, roomy zippered outer pocket, and a small internal zippered pocket for your keys & small valuables. This is a favorite because it is functional, beautiful, and economical. Because these are hand-dyed, each bag is unique.

Quilted Yoga Mat Bag: Our Quilted Yoga Mat Bag is plush and cozy. This luxurious bag will fit any of our yoga mats along with a couple of blocks, a strap, a towel, and more. Sturdy and soft, our quilted bag features double handles for comfort, a top zipper, and a full lining. It’s practical too, with inside and outside pockets to help you organize the small stuff.

Journey Yoga Bag: The Journey Bag is one of our Hugger Mugger original designs that has stood the test of time. This stylish one-of-a kind bag has it all: a zippered pocket that runs along the bottom of the bag to store your mat; a main compartment large enough to house blocks, straps, clothing and more; an interior pocket for your valuables; an easy-to-access cell phone pocket; a water-bottle pocket; an adjustable shoulder strap and a comfortable padded handle. Made from material that is durable and easy to clean.

YogaPro Duffel Bag: Condense all of your yoga gear into our YogaPro Duffel Bag. This bag is huge, and will fit an array of blankets, blocks, mats, and straps. It is a must-have for teachers who carry props to different locations, or for yogis headed off to a retreat. It features padded backpack straps and a chest strap for ergonomic ease. Two large outside pockets and one large inner pocket help keep you organized. The double top zipper makes this bag easy to load and unload, and the double top handles and side handles give you plenty of carrying options.


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