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Our Charitable Community

Each quarter we donate a percentage of our net profits to a local Utah non-profit. Here’s where you can find articles about the causes we support!
  • Utah Food Bank: Feeding Utah’s Families

    Utah Food Bank Back in the Day

    Utah Food Bank:  Feeding Utah’s Families
    While driving to the Utah Food Bank to visit their main Salt Lake City facility, I was picturing a rather large, but cozy, food pantry where anyone in need could come and collect supplies at any time. Boy was I wrong.

    The Utah Food Bank, founded 108 years ago—how’s that for a yogically auspicious history?—is instead housed in an 86,000-square-foot warehouse that’s stacked to its atmospheric ceilings with shelves of well-organized boxes of every kind of food imaginable. The food bank’s Salt Lake City distribution center...

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  • Children’s Justice Center - A Safe Haven for Kids and their Parents

    Children’s Justice Center
    I’ve driven by the house at least 100 times, perched as it is at the corner of the turnoff to City Creek Canyon, one of my favorite respites in Salt Lake City. It looks just like many of the houses in the Avenues neighborhood—modest and welcoming. You’d never know it houses a non-profit that communicates with the District Attorney’s office, Salt Lake’s 14 police departments, Child Protective Services, the Guardian Ad Litem’s office, Utah’s Attorney General and Primary Children’s Medical Center every day.

    And that’s the point. The building houses the Children’s Justice Center (CJC), the first place a...

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  • TreeUtah and Hugger Mugger Plant Trees


    Hugger Mugger Joins TreeUtah in Restoring Redwood Nature Area
    Last summer we at Hugger Mugger chose the Utah nonprofit organization TreeUtah to be our beneficiary for the summer quarter. Now in its 23rd year, TreeUtah plants thousands of trees each year with the help of thousands of volunteers from around the state. On Saturday, April 13th, a group from Hugger Mugger hiked out to the Redwood Nature Area to help reforest the former wetland.

    The Jordan River used to flood the area every year, making it a natural wetland that was both a home...

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  • Wasatch Community Gardens: Building Community from the Ground Up


    Wasatch Community Gardens:  Building Community from the Ground Up
    After a pretty white winter, spring is finally edging its way into the Salt Lake valley. Gentle rains replace the several feet of snow that blanketed our valley from December through much of March. Sunny jonquils dot the landscape and tulips are about to burst forth.

    For me, it’s past time to plant lettuce, kale, chard, carrots, beets and spinach. I dug up my beds last weekend. Long before my plots were ready for new seeds, I visited Wasatch Community Gardens (WCG). By the end...

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  • Cancer Wellness House: Healing the Whole Community


    Cancer Wellness House:  Healing the Whole Community
    Back in the ’60s, when my aunt was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer (and lived with it for 25 years), and my uncle with pancreatic cancer, that information was for adults only. Cancer was one of those things you didn’t talk about, and we kids were never to mention it to the people living with it, or to their families. It was considered insensitive, even rude. Had I not accidentally overheard my parents talking about my uncle’s prognosis, I would never have known why or how he suddenly...

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  • TreeUtah Builds Community One Tree at a Time


    TreeUtah Builds Community One Tree at a Time
    At the most essential level, the lives of all animals—including humans—on this planet depend on trees. We inhale the oxygen exhaled by trees, and trees inhale the carbon dioxide we exhale. Our lives are intertwined with those of the plant world.

    According to TreeUtah’s website, “through photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. The average tree can clean up to 330 pounds of carbon dioxide annually while emitting enough oxygen for a whole family.”

    Trees are good for our mental/emotional health as well:  They calm our nerves, increase levels...

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  • No More Homeless Pets: Supporting Community Cats


    No More Homeless Pets’ TNR Program Supports Community Cats
    One spring day back in 1994, I was in my back yard inspecting my lettuce seedlings when I saw six pairs of tiny eyes peering out at me. A cat had deposited her six kittens in my planter box. They looked like any other impossibly cute kittens, but there was a difference. These bristled and stiffened when they saw me, and scattered as I approached. The mother, who was close by, led them through a break in the fence, out of my sight.

    As time...

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  • No More Homeless Pets: The Fix is In


    No More Homeless Pets:  The Fix is In
    I come from a family of ailurophiles—cat lovers. My family lived on a dead-end street abutted by an unruly woods. It was cat paradise. There were plenty of critters to stalk, some of which ended up in the house. The cats were allowed to come inside at their pleasure through a cat door in our basement.

    I don’t remember ever having fewer than five cats living with us at a time. As a child, this certainly didn’t seem excessive—the more the merrier! My sisters and I, in fact...

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  • No More Homeless Pets: Adopt a Furry Friend!


    No More Homeless Pets:  Three Easy Ways to Adopt a Furry Companion
    Each quarter Hugger Mugger Yoga Products chooses a non-profit organization to support with a percentage of our sales. Through June, we are supporting No More Homeless Pets of Utah, an organization that aims to end euthanasia of healthy animals in shelters.

    It's kitten and puppy season. Right now. Every spring, animal shelters take in bundles of furry babies—feline and canine, all perfectly healthy and adoptable. The lucky ones will catch someone’s eye and move to a forever home. Many others will be euthanized...

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  • A Quality Life Community: A Mountain Retreat

    Happy Retreaters

    A Quality Life Community:  Yoga for Cancer and So Much More
    The Uinta Mountains are a little-known jewel in northeastern Utah. Eclipsed in popularity by the far more popular Wasatch Range, home to such iconic ski areas as Snowbird, Alta and Deer Valley, the Uintas are actually the largest east-west running mountain range in the U.S. The Uintas are home to Utah’s highest mountain, King’s Peak. Largely undeveloped, the Uintas provide crisp, high altitude air; both gentle and challenging hiking; and true solitude.

    The area surrounding the Uintas is both remote and accessible. A little more than...

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