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earth dayOn April 22, 1970, the modern environmental movement was born. The very first Earth Day, conceived by then-Senator Gaylord Nelson, drew 20 million activists from all over the U.S. who took to streets, parks and university campuses to protest environmental degradation and advocate for environmental stewardship. Forty-six years later millions of people in 192 countries all around the world celebrate Earth Day.

Yoga’s yamas (ethical precepts) and niyamas (personal practices) are replete with practices that support sustainability and stewardship. These include non-harming, non-greed, cleanliness, contentment and surrender to something greater than ourselves.

In keeping with yoga’s philosophy of mindfulness and sustainability, Hugger Mugger is committed to manufacturing long-lasting, finely crafted, sustainable yoga products. In the past 30 years, we’ve continually updated our yoga products to include more and more sustainable, recyclable, non-toxic and biodegradable materials.

In honor of Earth Day, we’re offering a five of our favorites at a 20% discount from now through April 30, 2016. Check out these great tools for practice and celebrate our Earth every time you step onto your mat.

Yoga Mats

Para Rubber Yoga Mat: This mat is our stickiest, most substantial eco-friendly mat. Made from natural rubber, the Para Rubber mat is a solid, heavy-duty mat that will last for years. Its 1/4-inch thickness provides plenty of cushioning. The Para Rubber Yoga Mat comes in five colors: Storm, River, Alpine, Rose, and Lotus, and an XL size. The striated surface pattern is unique to each mat.

For info on this mat, visit this link.

If you have latex sensitivities and want to buy a sustainable mat, check out our Earth Elements mats, next on our list of Earth Day specials. Read on.

Earth Elements 5mm Mat: Our Earth Elements mats are made from TPE foam, a biodegradable, non-toxic material that has a dry-sticky feel. Many practitioners who struggle with sweaty hands say this mat keeps their hands in place quite nicely. The 5mm mat is approximately the same thickness as a 1/4-inch mat, so it provides ample padding.

Here’s some more info on the Earth Elements 5 mm Mat.

Yoga Blocks and Wedges

Bamboo Block: Bamboo is a fast-growing, exceedingly strong wood that replenishes itself very quickly. For this reason, bamboo has become the material of choice for sustainability and strength. Made from six finished slabs of bamboo with a hollow center, these blocks are not only beautiful, but sturdy, sustainable and relatively lightweight.

You can read more about Bamboo Blocks at this link. For ideas about the many ways to use yoga blocks, visit our blog.

Cork Wedge: Sometimes the one thing you need to create just the right foundation in a pose is a little bit of height. Yoga wedges provide support for wrists, hands and ankles. Because of cork’s strength and renewability, our cork yoga blocks are consistently favored by yogis around the world. In addition, cork has just enough surface friction that your hands and feet resist slipping, making a cork wedge a practical choice for your practice.

Visit this link to find out more. Also, here’s a link where you can read about ways to use yoga wedges.


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