Back to School: Refresh Your Yoga Supplies

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Back to School

It’s that time again. It’s time to “get serious” and get back to school. You may be about to return to a formal institutional-type educational setting. Or maybe you’re heading back to yoga class after a few months of inconsistent practice. Either way, we seem to be conditioned to settle back into a more regular routine come fall.

I certainly notice this in my own yoga classes. After 32 years of teaching, I long since stopped taking the inconsistent numbers in my summer classes personally. I missed a fair number of classes myself this summer. I’m ever grateful for the pool of awesome teachers at my studio who took care of my students while I was away!

Getting Back to Yoga

Getting back into the swing of practice can be challenging. In our busy lives, it’s easy to find ways to fill your yoga practice time with other activities. If you’ve been less than consistent in your yoga practice over the summer, you might want to read this post. It explains how to ease back into practice after you’ve taken time off.

One way to refresh your commitment to yoga practice is to refresh your practice tools. Back-to-school shopping is a tradition for all types of students—from preschool to post-graduate. Refreshing your supplies helps you start the school year anew. Restarting yoga practice is no different. Now is a great time to replace worn-out mats and props, and add some new props to our collection.

Is your yoga mat looking a little worse for wear? Have you always wanted a yoga bolster of your own? Would a yoga blanket or two help you enjoy your floor poses a bit more? Would a new yoga mat carrier help you manage your props more easily?

If you’re registered for a college-level yoga class, you may be juggling books as well as yoga supplies. An all-purpose mat carrier such as a Journey Bag can help you organize it all. If your school supplies other props, and all you need to bring is a yoga mat, yoga mat slings can be a great, economical choice.

Lightweight mats are easy to tote to and from classes, especially when you have to juggle them with a backpack full of books. Here are some choices for lightweight mats:


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