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Author Archives: Nancy Alder

Nancy Alder teaches the Yoga of Ease in Connecticut. She writes for Origin Magazine and has been featured twice in their "Inspire" series. Her daily practice on and off the mat is chronicled at her site Flying Yogini. When not teaching, practicing or writing about yoga she hangs with her elves in the enchanted forest and counts the days until the next snowfall.

  • Group Yoga: Why Yoga Classes Inspire Us

    Group Yoga: Why Yoga Classes Inspire Us Yoga is an individual practice that takes place on a mat, a rug, outside, inside or various other places. When we breathe and do asanas we are given a chance to be an inner witness to our own challenges, successes and boundaries. These truths are part of what makes the practice perfect for anyone: You come to the mat where you are, with what you have and as you are. Yet, there are more and more opportunities to practice in a group setting at yoga studios and gyms, in schools, prisons and our...

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  • Why There’s No Substitute for a Good Yoga Teacher

    Why There’s No Substitute for a Good Yoga Teacher I have a confession to make:  I am a yoga teacher who has no yoga teacher. I can attend classes, watch videos or participate in online practices, but I do not have a main yoga teacher with whom I practice. Frequently students or friends ask me for recommendations of videos or online classes to take if they are unable to make it to a studio or gym for in person practices. I usually suggest one or two yoga teachers who have the services available, or offer to record mine. Yet...

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  • Yoga Selfies - What Do You Think?

    Yoga Selfies - What Do You Think? Last week the New York Times published an article about the recent wave of yogis that are posting photos of themselves using apps such as Instagram. To say that the article has raised both ire and defenses is an understatement. Proponents and fans of the yoga “selfies” are putting up their dukes to proclaim they are wonderful, inspirational and encouraging others to get on the mats.  Conversely, those that dislike these public displays of asana are citing them as flashy, arrogant and highly unyogic. Many of us are left asking who is...

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  • Who Does Yoga?

    Who Does Yoga? If You Can Breathe, You Can Do Yoga At least once a week I have a conversation with someone that goes like this: Them: What do you do for a living? Me: I teach yoga. Them: Oh I would love to do yoga but I am totally not flexible. The idea that yoga requires flexibility and strength is one perpetuated by the media, by the increased number of classes with the word “power” before them, and the definition of yoga as “asana.” Individuals who could seriously benefit from spending some time on a yoga mat stay...

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