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Yoga festival season will soon be in full flower. It’s time to set out for new horizons—physical and spiritual. If you’re planning on hitting the festival circuit this summer, you’ll want to make sure you have what you need to practice with ease.

If you’re planning on flying to a yoga festival (or two), space will be at a premium, so you’ll likely want to be judicious about what you bring. Fortunately, there are smaller, lighter and more compact versions of almost every yoga prop you might need.

If you’re driving, you’ll likely have the space to bring a variety of props. Even so, you’ll want to condense your props going to and from classes.

You never know what props will be available at a given festival venue. If a yoga festival does provide props, the quality may not be what you’re used to or they might not be in great shape. It’s nice to have yoga props you can trust while you practice.

Yoga Festival Favorites

Here are a few examples of travel-ready yoga festival favorites. Feel free to mix and match. All these items are lightweight and easy to pack.

  • Tapas Travel Yoga Mat: At 1.4 pounds, this PER-based mat is a great travel companion. It’s lightweight and foldable, making it super easy to pack. It’s great for using under a Yoga Towel or Yoga Rug.
  • Yoga Strap: Why not throw in a Yoga Strap while you’re at it? They’re a versatile, easy-to-pack yoga tool. You never know what other uses you might find for a strap in your travels..
  • 3-Inch Foam Yoga Block(s): Blocks are useful in any type of yoga practice. These are the most compact yoga blocks available.
  • Eye Pillow: Few things are more frustrating than having lights glaring in your eyes during a well-deserved Savasana. Eye pillows are great for shielding your eyes from bright lights in unfamiliar yoga spaces. They’re also extremely lightweight and packable. Choose from standard or piccolo sizes.
  • Yoga Rug: A staple of Ashtanga practice, Yoga Rugs provide a moisture-absorbing surface for practice. Place it over your Tapas Travel Yoga Mat for practice, and use it to sit on at your campsite or hotel room, or at the evening’s music event.
  • Yoga Towel: Yoga Towels provide an absorbent surface with a non-skid backing. These are great for Hot Yoga styles and are easy to pack.
  • Journey Yoga Mat Bag: If you’re looking for one yoga mat bag that does it all, our popular Journey Bag will do the trick. It has plenty of space for your mat, blocks, yoga clothing, etc., and an array of small pockets to help you organize valuables such as your wallet, keys and smartphone.
  • Batik Yoga Mat Bag: Express yourself with a Batik Mat Bag. These colorful, one-of-a-kind bags will fit your yoga mat, eye pillow, phone, wallet and keys. These bags feature a full-length zipper and extra pockets on the outside and inside.
  • Uinta Yoga Mat Bag: This is the perfect mat bag for the minimalist yogi. It’s made from lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric and features an outer pocket and key clip.
  • Yogatards: Our Yogatards, both the Ankle-Length Yogatard and T-Back Capri Yogatard, are simplicity and function defined. These unitards let you focus on your practice rather than on trying to keep your clothing in place. They’re a time-honored design that was carefully conceived for optimum performance.

Check out our Festival Favorites guide for more ideas about yoga essentials to take with you on your yoga festival adventures.

In addition to gathering your yoga festival favorites together, you might want to check out this article for some tips on how to make the best of your festival experience.


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