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Hugger Mugger Bolsters

So many things we buy these days are made in huge factories halfway around the world. It’s increasingly rare that we can actually meet and get to know the artisans who make the things we use every day. This is not so, however, here at Hugger Mugger. Since the very beginning, our handmade yoga products have been an integral part of our business.

Almost everything on our website that’s made from fabric is crafted by full-time specialists here in our facility. Many of Hugger Mugger’s artisans have worked here for many years. We have a team of sewing specialists that put together our bolsters, meditation cushions, sandbags, eyebags, neck pillows and clothing.

In our 32 years of producing high-quality handmade yoga products, we’ve had the opportunity to perfect our designs. Because we make so many of them here, we can ensure the quality is consistently excellent. All our handmade products are made with care and love.

One thing we don’t have here at our facility is a wood shop. But we do the next best thing: we buy our Wood Blocks and Meditation Benches from a local artisan who crafts them from North American hardwoods and hand finishes them with natural beeswax.

From the custom-made Hugger Mugger shorts that started Hugger Mugger in 1986 to our exceedingly popular handmade yoga bolsters, we’re proud that superior craftsmanship has always been our specialty.

In honor of National Handmade Day, here’s a list of our handmade yoga products:


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